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In consideration of BTI Brokerage (“Broker”) providing the information on businesses and real estate for sale, I understand and agree:

(1) That any information provided on any business or real estate, including its availability for acquisition, shall be treated as confidential and proprietary.

(2) Not to disclose, for a period of three years from the date I sign this Agreement, any information regarding these businesses or real estate to any other person who has not also signed this Agreement, except to secure the advice and recommendations of my business advisors.

(3) Not to contact the business owners or their landlords, employees, suppliers or customers except through Broker.

(4) Not to circumvent or interfere with Broker’s contract with the Seller in any way. I understand that if I interfere with Broker’s contract right to its fee from Seller, I may be personally liable to Broker for payment of the Seller’s fee. I understand that should I become a manager or otherwise connected with any of the businesses or real estate shown or offered to me for sale, or should I buy, trade, lease or exchange any of the businesses disclosed to me, then a fee will be due to Broker.

(5) That all information regarding businesses and real estate for sale is provided exclusively by the Seller or his representatives and is not verified in any way by Broker. Broker makes no warranty, express or implied, as to the accuracy of such information. Understanding that, I will make an independent verification of said information prior to making an offer to purchase any business or real estate. I agree that Broker is not responsible for the accuracy of any of the information I receive or fail to receive, and I agree to indemnify and hold Broker and its agents harmless from any claims or damages which may occur by reason of the inaccuracy or incompleteness of any information provided to me with respect to any business or real estate I might purchase.

(6) That Broker may act as dual agent representing both Buyer and Seller.

I acknowledge that I have received an exact copy of this Agreement
and that I have read this Agreement carefully and fully understand it.

Signature: _________________________________Date: ___________

Name (Print): ______________________________________________

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